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Welcome to Looking Glass Mastiffs. Nestled at the foot of Looking Glass Mountain in Greenville County, South Carolina, we are a private breeder of English Mastiffs. Our mastiffs run free on 12 acres of land that have meadows with rabbits to chase, woodlands filled with squirrels and wildlife and slopes that help to build and tone our Mastiffs bodies. When our pups are tired of chasing about, they live in our home with us where they receive socialization skills, love and training.

The focuses of our breeding program are health, temperament, and conformation. Our puppies come with a health guarantee. Our puppies are healthy, socialized, have excellent pedigrees. Our puppies are raised with Puppy Culture as an integral part of our breeding program.

PUPPY CULTURE in our breeding program:

We proudly use this exceptional program with our litters!As breeders, we strive to provide our litters with an enriched environment. Time and again, an enriched environment has proven to develop a more confident and easily trained dog. Our goal is to set each puppy up for success!However, Puppy Culture takes that a step further! For us it was an obviousdecision to add this invaluable tool to our program to further our puppies' development and well-being! Earlysocialization starts with a committed breeder willing to go the extra mile to offer their puppies the environment that will result in a puppy who is confident, outgoing and will adjust quickly to new situations. The Puppy Culture Program represents the gold standard in puppy rearing and socialization.If you'd like to learn more we encourage you to visit the Puppy Culture website by clicking the photo below!


Puppy Culture is a program used by breeders all over the world to improve the lives of their puppies. This program limits behavioral issues by helping puppies cope with and move past things that would otherwise cause issues as adults. Puppy Culture is a valuableresource for caring and ethical breeders and we are one of the few English Mastiff breeders to offer this invaluable program. A Puppy Culture graduate should have fewer behavioral issues, more brain development and, over all, will be a much more balanced puppy able to cope with his new environment and bond with his forever family.